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Tiling has specific requirements. Like many other home renovation projects, this is best handled by experts. There are several benefits to hiring a professional for tiling and repairs. 

Tiling is not an easy task. It combines science, math and aesthetics. When you hire professionals, the installation is faster and more precise. They know what material works best for specific areas of the home. For instance, tiles in the bathroom and kitchen need to withstand water and grout better than other less humid areas of the home. In the event of any unexpected issue, professionals are well equipped to resolve the matter, leaving you stress-free. 

At Eurohome Painters & Renovations, our professionals have all the tools and expertise required to get the job done right in minimal time. If you were to purchase all the equipment yourself, not only would it cost you far more, but the task would take up far more time and effort than you may have expected. 

Our tiling experts make precise measurements, calculate the exact amount of materials required for your project so you don’t need to buy extra unnecessarily and make exact cuts that do not lead to any wastage of materials. In this process, you save considerably. There are no broken or chipped tiles after installation, no faulty installation and our work comes with a long warranty. In the event of any unexpected damage, you are assured of protection and coverage. Call us for a free consultation.



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